5/16: Case Dismissed- G.W. was indicted on multiple drug charges in Marion County.  Pete DeMuniz assisted attorney Stephen Houze and the case was ultimately dismissed.
10/2/15:  Case Dismissed-. C.T. and S.T. were being investigated in the death of a Marion County man.  Pete DeMuniz investigated the case for attorneys Jason Thompson, Stephen Houze and Noel Greffenson.  The grand jury returned a Not True Bill on the charges of Manslaughter and Criminally Negligent Homicide.
2/24/17: No Charges Filed- Pete DeMuniz assisted attorneys Stephen Houze and Jake Houze in their defense of a nurse being investigated for sexual abuse of a patient.  DeMuniz located information for the attorneys that helped prove the patient's motive to fabricate the allegation for monetary purposes.

12/28/18: Pete DeMuniz has joined the Salem Police Foundation as a board member.  Pete is also a board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties
5/5/14: DeMuniz Investigations was again a sponsor this year for the Cinco De Micro Brewfest which benefited the Boys and Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties.
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1/9/14: Ferry found not guilty at trial- Richard Ferry was found not guilty on all counts by Marion County Circuit Court Judge Vance D. Day.  Pete DeMuniz investigated the case for attorney Jason Thompson.

1/7/14:Henson exonerated at trial - DeMuniz Investigations was proud to assist attorney Gig Wyatt in clearing Mickey Henson's name of the false allegations brought against him. Marion County Circuit Court Judge Susan Tripp presided over the trial and rendered the verdict. Read Statesman Journal article

Read Portland Tribune article

9/18/13: Farrell charges dropped- DeMuniz Investigations and attorney Gig Wyatt conducted a thorough investigation in the defense of Shannon Farrell.  All charges were dropped prior to trial. Read article 

8/2/13: Green settlement- DeMuniz Investigations working alongside attorneys Steve Piucci and Gene Hallman helped their client receive a $2,250,000 settlement.  Green was injured working at a mall in Eugene.

6/2/13: Juvenile client cleared of charges- DeMuniz Investigations assisted attorney Mike DeMuniz in defending a juvenile charged in Marion County Juvenile Court.  Client was acquitted of all charges.

2/20/13: Cavazos charges dismissed- Attorney Jason Thompson and Pete DeMuniz worked together to perform an exhaustive investigation which helped lead to the dismissal of all charges including Measure 11 charges.

6/3/12: Blasio exonerated at trial-  DeMuniz Investigations helped conduct a thorough investigation in the defense of Blasio.  Attorney Paul Ferder represented Blasio at trial. 

1/12/12: Yoder acquitted- Jeremiah Yoder was found not guilty and exonerated of the heinous charges brought against him in Marion County.  Attorney Jason Thompson and Pete DeMuniz performed their own investigation which helped lead to the acquittal of Yoder.

12/7/11: Siegrist cleared of charges-  Attorney Jason Thompson and investigator Pete DeMuniz helped Jon Siegrist fight the charges against him and obtain an acquittal at trial in Polk County.

3/15/11: Reyes found not guilty at trial- DeMuniz Investigations assisted attorney Jason Thompson in successfully defending Aron Reyes in trial.  Reyes had been charged with multiple counts including Measure 11 charges.

8/15/10: Prince found not guilty- Lonny Prince was found not guilty of all charges including Measure 11 charges in front of Circuit Court Judge John Wilson.  Pete DeMuniz investigated the case for attorney Paul Ferder.

7/10/10: All charges against Macias dismissed- The Polk County District Attorney's office dismissed all charges, including Measure 11 charges against Macias.  Pete DeMuniz investigated the case for attorney Mike DeMuniz.

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8/5/15: Rape 1 dismissed-  Pete DeMuniz assisted attorney Jason Thompson in getting a Rape 1 charge dismissed against R.P. in Marion County
Salem Office:

9/7/14: DeMuniz Investigations was once again a sponsor of the St. Francis Shelter's annual fundraiser. 
6/3/14: Measure 11 charges against D.W. dismissed- DeMuniz Investigations was proud to assist attorney Jason Thompson in defending D.W. who had been charged with four Measure 11 crimes in Marion County. 
Email: demunizinvestigations@yahoo.com
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10/24/18: All charges Dropped- Pete DeMuniz assisted attorneys Stephen Houze and Jacob Houze in their defense of G.M.  The defense uncovered issues with the state's case that ultimately led to all charges being dropped. 
11/20/14: DeMuniz Investigations is honored to be associated with the Boys and Girls Club of Salem and sponsor the Civil War Auction.

2/4/14: Jackson acquitted on all charges- DeMuniz Investigations helped play a key role in the defense of Justin Jackson (pictured above).  DeMuniz Investigations worked with defense attorney Jason Thompson in defending Jackson.  On 11/25/13, a Marion County jury found Jackson not guilty of all 15 Measure 11 counts after a three day trial.

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3/1/17: Not Guilty- Pete DeMuniz was proud to assist attorneys Stephen Houze and Jake Houze in their representation of B.C.H..  DeMuniz interviewed key witnesses in the case that called into question the state's case and interviewing tactics with important witnesses.
9/2/15: Not Guilty-  Defendant I.V. was found not guilty of Rape 1 and Sex Abuse 2 in Clackamas County Circuit Court on Sept. 2, 2015.  Pete DeMuniz assisted attorney Jason Thompson in defending I.V..  Judge Jeffrey S. Jones rendered the not guilty verdict after two days of trial where evidence was presented by the defense that contradicted the alleged victim's version of events  I.V. faced 100 months in prison if convicted. 
4/1/14: DeMuniz Investigations was proud to be a sponsor of the Oregon Innocence Project Launch Party on April 9, 2014.

3/4/14:  DeMuniz Investigations along with DeMuniz Law is proud to be a table sponsor at the Greater Portland YWCA Inspire Luncheon on April 8, 2014.
10/24/18: DeMuniz Investigations assisted attorneys Mike DeMuniz and Steven Sherlag in their defense of Judge Vance Day.  All charges were dropped during the second day of trial.
3/16: Case Dismissed- W.S. was indicted on assault and domestic violence charges in Multnomah County before the case was dismissed on the day of trial.  Pete DeMuniz investigated the case for attorney Stephen Houze.
8/24/15: Charges dropped- DeMuniz Investigations assisted attorneys Jeff Jones and Denny Maison in their defense of G.B. and K.B. who were being prosecuted for Criminal Mistreatment in Marion County.  Charges were ultimately dropped after a thorough investigation by Jones, Maison and DeMuniz.